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6month- 2 years

We have the perfect solution for you! Our online dog training program provides a comprehensive, educational, and practical approach to dog training based on fun and interactive games. Our knowledgeable trainers will guide you and your pup every step of the way, and our supportive community of fellow dog owners is always available to provide helpful advice, resources, and tips. With our program, you and your pup can enjoy learning together in a safe and nurturing environment. So sign up today and let the learning begin! Start online, learn the skills, and advance to in-person. (mount Laurel and surrounding areas)
A simple training strategy that will give you the training tools to eliminate unwanted behaviors and create the well-mannered dog of your dreams.

*Learning basic obedience commands:
  • Teaching your adolescent dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and leave it can help them learn proper behavior and give them structure and exercise.
  • Level up learning by training your dog to sit or go down until released.
  • Teach your dog to relax on a mat instead of jumping on guests when the doorbell rings.
*Socializing with other dogs:
  • Socializing with other dogs can help your adolescent pup learn how to interact with other animals and people safely and appropriately.
  • Socialization helps reduce a dog’s fear of new people and places. It teaches them to accept new things, people, and places with less stress and anxiety.
  • Socialization teaches a dog how to interact with other animals, people, and different environments they may encounter.
*Potty training:
  • Establishing a potty routine for your adolescent dog is essential for curbing accidents and teaching them where to go.
  •  Potty training is essential to have a healthy and happy relationship with your dog.
  • Potty training your dog can also reduce the risk of them developing behavior problems, as they will understand what is and is not acceptable behavior.
*Leash walking:
  • Teaching your adolescent pup how to walk politely on a leash can help them stay safe and in control when you’re out and about.
  • Success in teaching your dog to check in with you even when there is a distraction in the environment.
  • Teaching your dog to walk calmly on a loose leash is also beneficial for your pet’s physical and mental well-being, as it can reduce stress levels and provide a more consistent and enjoyable walk for you and your pup.
  • Loose leash walking ensures that your dog does not pull you or become tangled in the leash, making your walks more enjoyable and safe.
Establishing Boundaries:
  • Establishing boundaries and rules for your pup will help them understand what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.
  • It can also help to reduce unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, and running away.
  • Staying on a boundary also helps to establish a consistent routine and boundaries for your dog, which can help them to feel more secure and comfortable.
  • Training your dog to stay on a Boundary can help to strengthen the bond between you and your pet as you work together to learn and practice the skill.
Sweet and Successful Program Includes 
  • Immediate access to world-class training

  • Over 100 High quality, short, easy-to-understand videos can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets, or your computer! Share with your family so you are all on the same page!

  • Eight weeks of training with LIVE group coaching to ensure you’re on the right track. We start online and work our way up to meeting in person as you and your dog learn the skills to be confident around other dogs and people in different environments. 

  • Invitation to our VIP community for unlimited support from a trainer, and you will meet and connect with other pet parents with the same struggles. This a great community to share and meet like-minded people.

  • Fun live Q and A session 

  • You have continued unlimited access to all course resources.

  • Dog Training Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress to increase your dogs' success.

  • Certified Pro Dog Trainer

Success Stories 

Karen is amazing and has been such a good resource for our family. time well spent in our home working on specific tasks, all while making sure we can replicate these concepts in between sessions. Consistently checks in between sessions to get updates, answers questions & gives recommendations. High recommend Karen. 

Helene Golombeck

1 pm

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