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Summer Workshops(reg.$50)-$30 (Save %40)

🐾 Welcome to Southport Pups –  Save $20 Recall Reboot

June  18th-2024

July:17th -Tricks - 23- Happy Walking  30 -Fun with Fitness

Introducing Karen: A Brief Introduction

Hello, wonderful pup parents,

I'm Karen Falciani, your trusted guide in the world of canine companionship.

I see you dedicating your heart and soul to your four-legged family members.

You've been wishing to impact your furry friend's well-being significantly.

You're ready to create a harmonious life with your beloved pup.

To unlock the magic and joy of a thriving relationship.

To build the dog-centric lifestyle you've always envisioned.

To genuinely enhance the life of your canine and the bond you share.

Yet, you yearn for more ease and understanding in this journey.

You crave extra moments for the things that genuinely strengthen your connection.

You've searched the web for answers.

But your uncertainty about dog parenting and training is holding you back.

I'm here to lend a helping paw. I can share everything I know about creating a fun-filled life with your furry companion.

Because you can have a harmonious life with your dog, and yes, it can be a joyful journey!

No more feeling overwhelmed or unsure. Let's embark on a path that brings joy and understanding to your life with your beloved pup! ​


At Southport Pups! We believe that dog training should be enjoyable and engaging, and we're here to help you and your furry friend communicate effectively for a happy and healthy life together. We offer both private and group lessons, both in-person and online, and we're passionate about starting with your puppy and transforming them into a well-behaved teenager and then on to a fun-loving adult. Whether you prefer to stay at home, download digital content, or go on an adventure with your dog, we're here to support you. Our establishment was founded in 2018, and we're excited to help you and your pup reach your full potential!

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How can I help you succeed?

"We took the ferry to fort fisher today and went for a short walk before Stevie told us it was time to turn around. Walking her with a harness has been good, she’s not pulling as much and we are getting to practice more loose leash walking"

Amy Destefanis Brunswick County,NC

If you need assistance determining the best class for you, contact us by phone or text to consult with a trainer. Call 856-905-1556 or fill out the form below to obtain more information about our products and services or to schedule an appointment.

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5106 Hollow Tree Drive, Southport NC 28461

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