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What We Offer

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Learn how to get real-life results for your dog's long-term transformation without intimidation or force. 

What is Reactivity?

Reactivity is a term given to dogs that pick out behaviors from fear, frustration, or over-arousal and use them as coping strategies that we find inappropriate in our everyday lives. 

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Help With 

Barking and lunging on lead

Refusal to walk once outside

You are being dragged all over the neighborhood

Dog Dog struggles



Private in-home lessons. 8 lessons where we work through your dog's struggles. Through observation and journaling, we find the triggers your dog struggles with. We work at the level your dog feels comfortable with always making sure we are using cooperative care. No force. 



One of our favorite choices is a mix of in-home and group class work.

This is a superb option if your dog is showing success after a few lessons you can join in one of our classes per the availability. 



Is your dog unable to handle visitors? We want your success and some dog need extra special care.  Our online program is perfect for your dog who is unable to learn around others.  This online class is interactive and your will be working with your dog during class. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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