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Puppy Must Haves

Puppy Products for Parents

Life with a new puppy is an adventure. Clients called me when they first brought their dog puppies home. Pu py parents forget how little puppy's teeth hurt or how to potty train; It certainly wasn't what I expected when I brought Sasha home!

After my experience with my client's puppy – before the memory fades into new and exciting experiences with my dog Sasha – I wanted to share a list of "MUST-HAVE, products that I discovered any new puppy parent would need to help get their home puppy-ready.

If you're looking for the best puppy must-haves, look no further than Dogify! Sasha and I have hand-picked the perfect selection of items to ensure your pup is happy and healthy. So shop our store today and get your pup the essentials they need!

A comforting dog carrier and crate

Your new dog can appreciate a cozy den of their own at every stage of their life. Cr te training is essential, a safe spot for stressful or busy events at home.

Even if your grown dog's crate can be tucked away because they choose a different safe space, their early crate training will make visits to the groomer or overnight veterinary care much less stressful. Lo k for a sturdy crate that – for larger breeds – has a divider so it can grow with your puppy. I suggest adding a blanket, special toy, or treats to make the den fun and comfy.

Engrossing chew toys

Puppies love to chew! My Sasha's favorite is tendons. Besides the boatloads of positive mental stimulation, chew toys are extra benefits in a crate because they give your pup and appropriate place to exercise his chew time and help relieve anxiety.

To keep your pup busy, try a puppy-safe rugged toy that can be filled with their favorite wet and dry dog food or other yummy treats like peanut butter, yogurt, vegetable, blended food recipe, or cheese.

Pet or baby gates to manage safe spaces.

Puppies aren't bad; they're curious! U gates to help keep them from being underfoot in the kitchen or to prevent them from tumbling down steep steps. I' e needed to restrict access for my dog when they get over-excited, or visitors come. N that my dog is older, I may need to use her crate from time to time.

Leashes for training and safety

Pick up a few leashes for play and training with your new pup. I recommend 2 because you need a long leash around 15 feet and 6 feet. So many is a good idea to get more than one leash.

Grab leashes that are 6 to 8 feet long. Make sure they are strong enough to stand up to puppy teeth. I recommend avoiding using chains because they can damage teeth. You should also avoid retractable leashes for training and walking. Your pup can quickly zip out of control, get tangled in the legs and leashes of other dog walkers, or swerve unexpectedly into traffic. Retractable leashes take precious long seconds to reel in when your puppy is in danger, especially if you are in a panic, too!

A collar and identification to bring them home

No one expects to lose their dog, especially a tiny puppy, but inquisitive puppies chase exciting things, sneak out an open door, or bolt in sudden fright. Searching for a lost pet is heartache. Yet, we see them all the time on social media.

If someone finds your wandering pup, you absolutely want them to know that a loving pet parent is looking for them! Therefore, a collar and ID tag is super important. There are many additional options to the standard metal engraved tag, like smart tags that reveal your pet's profile when scanned by a smartphone, GPS tracking tags, and microchips. At the least, I suggest a standard tag and a microchip to help get your pup home. If your puppy loses their collar, you will want the backup.

A comfy dog beds

My dog has had many different beds over her life. As a puppy, she had a plush bed, and now she really loves snuggling into a donut bed or raised bed.

Every puppy needs a spot to relax comfortably, and to give your pup that space is a great way to enrich their lives. Enrichment Blog

Choose a dog bed that's an appropriate size for your pup, and look for one with a removable, machine-washable cover! Unfortunately, my dog's bed usually needs to be replaced regularly.

Enjoy preparing your life for a puppy.

The first year of Sasha's life was fun. Her favorite thing from puppyhood was having me chase her all around. So even if the essentials on my list here turn out not to be your puppy's favorite, they'll make your first days and weeks together much more accessible and set you up for a lifetime of love and fun.

Did I miss any essentials you think a new puppy parent needs for the first year? Let me know!

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