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The pile of presents for Food pantries and Shelters is growing. Check out hashtag #mydifference4animals to see the international impact pet businesses all over the world are having! I can’t wait to load up my car on October 29th to bring these generous donations to the Masonville United Methodist Church! If you haven’t had a chance to join in the fun with your own contribution to our Holiday Giveathon I will be ACCEPTING until November 28th. No donation is too small.

Let’s talk about why! With so many deserving causes to support this time of year, why are we giving to animals in need and the Food Pantry?

1*‘Tis the season for community fellowship. As dog trainers, we are part of our wide animal-loving community, too, and helping the animal organizations in our area fits with our mission to help people and pets live their very best lives together. Best of all, helping a Food Pantry is something we can do together!

2. Real Kindness Makes a Real Difference Working and volunteering in an organization that supports both people and pets is hard work. Sure, it is amazingly rewarding but volunteer workers bust their butts every day and have to deal with sad stories as well. Days can go by without someone thinking to say, “thank you for everything you do.”

By helping to make our pile of holiday donations larger by stocking shelves enough to have food for all the pets you’re sharing your thankfulness in a way that inspires happiness.

3. You get to help change the world for animals - and people who love them.

If you’re looking for a way to help animals year after year, giving to Masonville United Methodist Food Pantry is a quick and easy way to help local families.

So, here’s our wish list! Why not add to the donations we’ve already gathered and be part of a fabulous Holiday Giveathon that will help countless animals?






* Holiday anything

Drop me a Message before October 29th and let’s show the volunteers how much their work matters to our community. 856-905-1556

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