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Fun Easter -N-Spring Activities to Share with Your Pet

April 9 is Easter this year! Soon we'll see tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, and it'll be time for Easter festivities! Easter is a great holiday that I always enjoy with my family. I remember the days of going shopping for a new dress and shoes when younger. Years later, in my teens, I actually enjoyed wearing dresses as my brother would always tease me in a dress.

I love sharing this hoppy time with my dog too. Try some of these if you're looking for ways to get your pet in on the Spring and Easter festivities.

A Doggy Photo Booth

C'mon, party people! Who doesn't love a photoshoot? I absolutely love photos of Sasha when the sun captures her hair color. I often look back at the fun pictures of Shadow and Apollo, my Schnauzers with my boys as kids with the Easter Bunny.

Level up your photo game with some cool Easter or Spring-inspired accessories. Cute costumes, a stuffed Easter bunny, bowties, bandanas, and other fun photo props can bring your pet's pics to a whole new level. And it includes your pet in the seasonal fun!

Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Hop into this fun and affordable tradition! Host a doggy Easter egg hunt in your home or outdoors. You'll need large plastic Easter eggs and healthy treats. Check our Shop.

PHOTO: My Egg hunt 2022

For the Easter eggs, make sure you grab sizes that are appropriate for the dogs. For example, I'd buy multiple different sizes depending on your dog's breed. You also want eggs with small holes so dogs can sniff out the treats inside. Make sure the egg is not small enough for your dog to swallow. If your dog eats plastic, hide the treats without the eggs.

Put 1 or 2 super-smelly treats in each egg and hide them. To start your hunt, make it super easy for your dog. Just place the egg out in the open. Careful not to put them under prickly bushes. Near a wall or slightly covered.

Remember that this is not a good activity for dogs who chew on plastic or crunch things up enthusiastically. Closely supervise the activity to keep it safe and watch for signs of over-excitement or dogs putting the eggs in their mouth. Any signs of aggression between dogs, dogs who start chewing on the plastic instead of the treat, multiple dogs going for the same egg, dogs who look lost or need some guidance.

New Physical or Enrichment Activity

Spring is about coming back to life after a winter's sleep. Nature awakens, people refresh their living spaces, and it's a great time to give dogs something new.

Try a new activity with your pet, something simple like walking a new route, installing a catio or new ledges to birdwatch from, enrolling in a training class( look for our new spring lineup), or our new "tricks," having playdates (coming soon), hanging up bird feeders, hiking, or a quick drive to the beach before they close them off to dogs.

We are working on more and more Tricks and building routines to music. I find Sasha is very tired when done with our training, and it has helped with being more focused on our general obedience training. Noise and moment are her top two struggles currently.

You can also refresh some of your pet's belongings. For example, a new bed will spruce up your home for spring and give your pet something new to sniff and cuddle into.

Easter Egg Human Treats

Because humans love to eat pretty, tasty things, too, Pinterest is springing with pastel-colored, no-bake treats you can try. Make sure you include a list of ingredients if you make a present of these to friends or co-workers.

For Easter 2023, I plan to visit my mother-in-law. Mike, my husband's brothers will all be in town with their dogs too. We will have some great food for the dogs with lots of management to avoid out-of-control dogs around my mother-in-law. I always put Sasha in a room upstairs after playtime and give her a much-needed break with a nice dinner and long chew. And don't forget – Those beautiful Easter Lilies are deadly for cats and toxic for dogs. Check out this ASPCA list of plant hazards now that spring is here.

What will you do to make this season extra special for your PET? Please send me a message and let me know!

Try this fun trick for Easter- Balance a Treat on your nose.

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