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Have you ever wonder what a proper dog greeting is? Here is an idea..... start to journal your dogs greetings with other dogs. What exactly is happening? Can you pick the steps that are happening? SERIOUSLY GO LOOK

#1 Dog see another dog. This can depend on the different environmental surroundings. A wide field to a narrow path. Does your dog have struggle here. Is your dog fine far away or when other dogs get close? Look around notice what happens and when. What if any triggers were there? Keep a journal see if you can see a pattern. A certain dog, time of day, or the place you go?

#2 Nose to nose, side head to side head quick skim. This should be just a couple of seconds. Does you dog hang to long, is your dog not moving on to the next step? Maybe the other dogs are not moving on. How does your dog react. What are you feeling and how does your dog interrupt your body language? How about the other owner, what are they doing and how is their dog behaving because of what they are reading from their owner.

#3 Off for a rear end sniff. Let your dog do this it is not rude. A good dog relationships is based on a quick move to the rear when it comes to dogs. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN. A good dog relationship is based on a quick move to the rear. How is everyone involved in this dog dog greeting handling the situation. From here 3 things can happen.


B-Appropriate Play

C-Inappropriate Play

Your dog see's a dog----walk(distance, time)----head to head, slide to side------rear-----disengage, play appropriate, inappropriate play -( needs *employment*)

Here I would suggest to go watch your dog and see what is happening in your dogs greeting and don't forget how are the dog owner's handling what is going on. I will be writing more on employment for your dog in another post.

Where have you notice a brake in the chain?

Here is another point try not to label the behavior fear, frustration, or over excitement. We can not be sure which it is fear,frustration, or over excitement. They all look the same. What does matter is that it is happening.

What you want to do is stop the rehearsal of the broken chain until your dog can properly greet other dogs.

Have fun with this. I will talk about ways to employ your dog soon!

Check out my FB page for fun concept games you can start today with your dog and become a GAME CHANGER! GO BEYOND A SIT- DOWN - STAY

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