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Concepts are Catchy

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

So If your here reading this your are curious about all this talk of concepts games. I am going to explain or define a couple of concept to get your started on your way to having fun.

GRIT- Your dog pushes hard even when they are not reward right away. These games your are looking for your dog to just keep on working at not getting frustrated but working till the end.

OPTIMISM-Your dog becomes prepared for every situation in the dogs life. Know matter what they see any novel or ambiguity they are okay with.

Flexibility-your dog is adaptable to new and different things. Dog is good with different cars, crates, toys and objects.

CONFIDENCE- This one is huge allowing and/or teaching your dog to be confident is huge. How happy they are to have their body touched. How aware they are about their body. How happy the are to put themselves into different situations. How they respond to failure what they do when they fail.

The concepts are all intertwined and their are more, I will write more about them in another blog . I want you to ask yourself: Where is your dog today? and

Where do you want your dog to be?

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