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Coffee and Canines

Enhance Your Furry Friend's Life with Coffe and Canines

Dogs of all ages are welcome!

Our socialization Activities– are the perfect place for your pup to socialize, learn new skills, and have fun in a safe and controlled environment. Our Super Fun Farm Location at Ev-Ry Farm in Mount Laurel, NJ, offers a unique and exciting setting for your pups to play and grow. Choose from booking a block of club dates or specific dates, with regular attendees gaining new skills each week. Our themed games and activities will help your pup develop fundamental skills such as Boundary games, Leash skills, Focus, Cafe Manners, confidence, recall, and more, all while enjoying plenty of enrichment and play. We also offer Q&A time to ensure that every pet parent leaves feeling confident and informed. So don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to give your furry friend an enriching experience –  Grab your favorite beverage ajoin us for Coffee and Canines. 

Image by Daniël Maas

Socialization and Enrichment

Essential Lessons for Puppies to Learn:

Bringing up a happy and well-socialized puppy requires exposure to various sights and sounds, as well as social situations and enrichment games. Here are some critical activities for puppies to learn:

  • Basic Cues

  • Build Independence

  • Learn Fun Enrichment Games

  • Play in the agility field and investigate the equipment

  • Explore different surfaces, sounds, and scents from the farm

  • Meet and greet new puppy breeds, Pet Parents, and you might see some chickens or a horse

  • Practice how to settle down on a mat and take turns playing and learning

  • Learn to play with different puppies; we try to place puppies of the same size and age

  • You and your puppy will learn how to read body language for appropriate play

  • Understand that permission comes from you to go and explore the world.

Our Aim For Your Pup

Image by Devon Janse van Rensburg

The aim of the  Social gathering is to coach pet guardians in a secure outdoor setting where pups can learn to socialize and interact with others. It's not a free-for-all but a structured environment where attendees can come together, chat, and develop camaraderie while also gaining knowledge. There's no mandatory coursework, nor are attendees required to attend all sessions in sequence. Once your pup has reached their full potential, they will be ready to move on to their next adventure and "advance" to the next level of their socialization.


  • Lots of tasty treats

  •  Mat for your dog to hang out on

  •  Long leash ( not retractable) 10-15 feet

  • Short 6-foot leash

  • Shots

  • Collar or Harness- it is best if a collar is embordered VS tags that hangdown

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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