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In-Person Private Lessons
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Is a private lesson right for you?

  • A class atmosphere might be too much for your dog.

  • If you need management skills in and around your home.

  • Unable to attend our weekly classes but still want to train.

  • If your dog exhibits reactive, nervous, or aggressive tendencies.

  • If you have something specific that you want to work towards.

  • You are looking for a hybrid class that offers both online and in-person learning.

  • You want the whole family to work together and classes have too many distractions for your dog.

Private Packages
Puppy, Adolescence, Adult, and Seniors.
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How we help your pet

  • Interactive learning will teach you and your dog how to have walks with out pulling, barking and jumping. 

  • Inspiring a calmness which allows for better comprehension and performance.

  • Introducing basic skills and working towards more complex commands.

  • Building confidence to increases listening and focused.

  • Crate training, Boundary games or gated communities we teach you how to manage the rooms in your home so you can get quick results and continued success with your training. This is important factor of training and is often the missing piece.

  • We review Nutrition and Health/Dental supplement just like humans your dogs behavior is tied to being in over all  good health. All stages of your dogs life have important needs.  

Ready, Set, Go!

  • Please have a hungry dog when we do our lesson. Our positive reinforcement training uses your dog's daily food allowance as a reward during your training sessions.

  • Bring the kibble you would normally feed your dog at one meal. During the training session, we will use the dog's meal allowance.

  • Your dog can have a short walk prior to class 5 -10 mins to do his/her business.  The hour-long training session will be a good workout for your dog both physically and mentally.

  • In addition to kibble, please have a variety of treats such as cheese, ham, sausage, chicken that will serve as high-value rewards during Training. Anything that you know your dog absolutely loves – think human food, will do the trick. 

  • Please bring your dog's  "go to toy" with you to class.  Any item he or she loves to tug or play with for class and if we are at your home, be sure to put away all other toys.

  • Have a crate or bed available for your dog.

Payment Options- Please call for more information 

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3. Apple Pay- 
4. Credit Card

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