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Good Dog Concept Training

Rowdy Paws
Reactive to Relaxed

Learn how to get real-life results for the long-term transformation of your dog without any intimidation or force. 

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Do you have a dog that struggles on walks? Barking, lunging, or pulling 

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Does your dog go outside then refuse to walk

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Do you feel like your dog is dragging you all over the neighborhood

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Do you dread when it is time to go out with your dog

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DO your feel your household revolves around your dog's behavior 

This program is designed to help you to understand how to better communicate with your dog. We provide you with many tools to work with your dog on how to make better choices in stressful environments. 

What is Reactivity?

Reactivity is a term given to dogs that pick out behaviors from fear, frustration, or over-arousal and use them as coping strategies that we find inappropriate in our everyday lives. 

This class will build your confidence along with your dog's confidence

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You will learn how to handle any situation in a calm manner with continual practice.


Rowdy Paws
Reactive to Calm

A complete course for pet parents Reactive to Calm teaching skills used with both ends of the leash

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