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Ready for a Better Walk? Say goodbye to pulling and frustration. Download our "No Pulling" training guide and take the first step towards peaceful, enjoyable walks with your dog!

  • No Pulling Mini Dog Training Course: Benefits

  • 1. Improved Walks
    - Less Stress:** Enjoy more peaceful and enjoyable walks with your dog.
    - Better Control:** Gain better control over your dog, making walks more pleasant and manageable.
    2. Enhanced Safety
    - Prevent Injuries:** Reduce the risk of injuries to both you and your dog by eliminating pulling.
    - Avoid Accidents:** Lower the chances of accidents caused by sudden lunges or pulls.

  • 3. Strengthened Bond
    - Increased Trust:** Build a stronger bond with your dog through consistent and positive training.
    - Better Communication:** Improve communication between you and your dog, fostering mutual understanding.

  •  4. Positive Social Interactions
    - More Sociable:** Help your dog become more sociable and well-mannered around other people and animals.
    - Confidence Building:** Boost your dog's confidence in various environments and situations.

  • 5. Long-Term Behavior Improvement
    - Consistent Behavior:** Promote long-term positive behavior through consistent training practices.
    - Reduce Bad Habits:** Eliminate bad habits such as pulling, lunging, and barking on walks.

  •  6. Training Skills for Owners
    - Empowered Owners:** Equip yourself with effective training techniques and skills.
    - Ongoing Learning:** Gain knowledge that you can apply to other aspects of your dog's training and behavior.

  •  7. Physical and Mental Exercise
    - Balanced Activity:** Ensure your dog gets balanced physical and mental exercise during walks.
    - Mental Stimulation:** Provide mental stimulation through structured and controlled walking routines.

  • 8. Community Enjoyment
    - Enjoy Public Spaces:** Feel more confident taking your dog to parks, trails, and public spaces.
    - Positive Impression:** Make a positive impression on your community with a well-behaved dog.

  • By participating in our "No Pulling" mini dog training course, you and your dog will experience these benefits, leading to a more harmonious and enjoyable life together.

"What our clients are saying"

Cali and I had a much better loose-leash walk at the park today!


Beau spent time “campaigning “ yesterday at Belville’s Founders Day event. He did really well walking around the grounds either having a “visit “ or “no visit” with other dogs and people. 
We ate our lunch at our booth and he laid down on the grass and played with his pig toy.


The Joy of No Pulling on walks: Transforming Your Dog Walk Experience

1. Tangled Leashes
- No more getting caught up or tripping over a tangled leash, allowing for a smoother and safer walk.
- You can enjoy a more relaxed experience without constantly untangling the leash from your legs or obstacles.

2. Shoulder and Back Pain
- Avoid the physical strain of being pulled by your dog, reducing the risk of shoulder, back, and arm injuries.
- Walking your dog will become a pleasant activity rather than a painful chore.

3. Embarrassment in Public
- Say goodbye to the embarrassment of being dragged down the street or through the park, and enjoy the pride of a well-behaved dog.
- Feel confident and proud as other pet owners admire your dog's good behavior.

4. Dangerous Lunges
- Eliminate the risk of sudden lunges that can lead to accidents or confrontations with other dogs or people.
- Ensure your dog's safety and the safety of others, making walks more predictable and calm.

 5. Excessive Barking and Reactivity
- Reduce barking and reactive behaviors that can disrupt your walks and disturb others, creating a more peaceful environment.
- Enjoy quieter and more pleasant walks without the stress of managing reactivity.

6. Constant Correcting
- No longer need to constantly correct your dog’s behavior during walks, allowing you to focus on enjoying the time together.
- Spend less time disciplining and more time bonding with your dog.

7. Stress and Frustration

-You will experience less stress and frustration, which will make walks more enjoyable and relaxing for both you and your dog.
- Build a positive association with walking, making it an activity you both look forward to.

8. Avoiding Walks
- You won’t have to avoid walking your dog due to fear of being pulled or losing control, ensuring they get the exercise and stimulation they need.
- Rediscover the joy of exploring the outdoors with your dog without hesitation or worry.


Remember: Training is a Journey
Training your dog is not an overnight process but a rewarding journey. Take the time to enjoy each step and celebrate the progress you make together. Patience and consistency are key to success. Embrace the learning experience and use it as an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your dog.

The Importance of Continued Training
Continuing to train your dog, even after they’ve mastered loose leash walking, is crucial. It reinforces good behavior, keeps your dog mentally stimulated, and strengthens your bond. Ongoing training ensures that your dog remains well-behaved and adaptable in various situations, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life for both of you. Consistent training helps maintain the positive behaviors you've worked hard to establish and prepares your dog to handle new challenges confidently.

"What our clients are saying"

"Loose leashing walking … this was with a team of roofers working on the house we were approaching.  I’d normally have a tight grip anticipating Enzo taking off to say hi to the workers or rummage thru their backpacks. Kept a loose grip instead and am astounded by the difference … keeps his focus on me and even gives his an auto-sit when I stopped.  Apologies for the bad video"


"We have been working on place (they finally did it once after many attempts!) Definitely using what I learned with Chloe on Beau!" 

  • What's included in "Walking Happily Ever After"?

  • By signing up, you get instant access to:

  • - 2 brand new, exclusive ebooks filled with expert tips and guidance.

  • - Introductory videos on human mechanics, unveiling the secret sauce to effective dog training.

  • - A collection of 15 instructional videos covering various learning and understanding aspects, along with engaging joyful walking games designed for you to play with your dog.

  • - 2 bonus resources: one focusing on safe walks and another on leash skills, both freshly crafted to elevate your walking experience with your furry companion.


  • You'll have lifetime access to these resources, allowing you to embark on a transformative journey with your canine friend. If you're ready to bid farewell to walking struggles and embrace a harmonious bond with your dog, then seize this exclusive offer now.

End the Struggle, Enjoy the Journey! Purchase our "No Pulling" digital guide today and learn the secrets to a well-behaved dog. Make every walk a pleasure!

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