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Introducing Karen, Founder, &Trainer

Karen Falciani is the owner and lead trainer of Good Dog Concept Training, LLC. While she has owned dogs her entire life, she only began her professional dog training career after leaving her position as a CT technologist in the medical field in 2018.  It is Karen's natural desire to help others combined with her love of animals and vast personal experiences that made her transition to a professional dog trainer, with a holistic approach, seamless.

Karen specializes in coaching owners to enable their pets to grasp the basic life skills such as the typical stay, sit, come, boundaries, and calmness. Advanced lessons include improved dog walking skills in a variety of environments. Owners new to animals and owners with new puppies receive training to assist their pets with acclimating to their new home life.

Karen shares her life with her husband Michael and her long-haired Dachshund, Sasha. Fondly known as Sasha Fierce.


Karen is a certified PRO DOG Trainer, a  certificate for PRO DOG Geek, a full member of PRO DOG Club. In addition, she is certified as a level 1 judge and S46 teacher from World Scent Dog Association (WSDA).

certificate  2018 crop.png

Karen is continually learning the most modern dog training techniques for herself and her clients. Currently, Karen is studying Agility dog training and to be WEBB Practitioner which addresses pain relief, stress, and tension, or pets. A partial list, there are too many to include them all, of some of the classes she has participated in over the years.

Continual Education 

  •  Agility Training-2022

  • Super Trainer 2022- Adolescence dog, confidence, Terrie Breeds, Scent Work

  • Registered Animal Actor.

Good Dog Concept Training, LLC has been providing pet dog owners with solid training solutions since March 2018. We offer a range of training options both online and in-person including private lessons, Group Workshops, Live online Digital classes, and self-study programs.


Our focus is on proven science-based training methods that focus on the whole dogs well being. We are continually learning, enjoy passing that learning onto our students, and are here to help you in achieving your goals. We want to see you succeed and find the joy in training your dog as your continue to learn.



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